Save3trees LCD Writing Tablet 12 Inch - 12 Inch LCD Environmental and Economic Suitable for Children's Daily life & Study
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Size (L x W x H) 28 cm x 5 cm x 19 cm
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Original 1 Year Malaysia Warranty

[Bkgadget] Save3trees LCD Writing Tablet 12 Inch - 12 Inch LCD | Environmental and Economic | Suitable for Children's Daily life & Study

Product Details:

12-inch LCD tablet computer board electronic small blackboard paperless office tablet with a stylus.

High brightness

Use: the pressure sensitive liquid crystal writing surface of LCD tablet computer creates lines of different thickness according to your pressing strength, just like paper and pen. Use a button to erase your image.

Application: it is applicable to daily shopping records of designers, business people, teachers, students, doctors and even housewives. It's a great gift for the children.

Special :Eco-friendlyEnvironmental protection, papleless, lightweight, very easy to carry your wallet, scheduler, briefcase or backpack.

Specification: over 1/8 thin ", 12-inch LCD desk. Dimensions 28 * 18 5 * 0.5 cm. Sealed 3v watch battery provides over 50,000 erase cycles. It can be replaced.

Design: ultra bright liquid crystal display surface, with a touch pen and replaceable core battery. The housing and LCD screens are made of durable plastic materials.

Why do you choose this LCD panel?

1. Environmental and economic. Instead of traditional paper, erase your image with a wipe button and save you a lot of money.

2. Suitable for children's daily life and study, good at writing, arithmetic, spelling and painting exercises. It helps to foster a sense of environmental protection for children.

3. Love from the family - to-do lists, SMS reminders. Make a perfect to-do list, shopping, date reminders, short memos, leave notes to friends and family.

4. Say goodbye to your work area. Are you annoyed at the paper flying around your office? Want to keep your workspace clean and organized? That's it! Our LCD board will drive away all your troubles and keep you in a good mood.

5. Give your family/children the best gift -- to-do lists, text reminders. Perfect write a to-do list, shopping lists, dating, like bingo, Hangman, Naughts and cross game, will increase the fun of daily life and the party time, the LCD panel will be a good tool.


1. Support tap cleaner and use writing board. Recycling and environmental friendliness.

2. Materials :ABS

3. Size :28 * 18.5 * 0.5 cm.

4. Net weight: about 195g.

5. Battery: button battery.

6. Package : 1*writing board 1*writing pen



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